Yummy. Melty. Meat. We’re passionate about the foods we serve to our customers. This is why creating tender, juicy, slow roasted meats using the finest ingredients procured from local sources (when available) is important to us. There is a fine-art to slow-roasting – making small flavors expand into mouthwatering bites.

We start in the kitchen with flavor prep. It’s an essential step in the process and begins with mixing together robust flavors of coffee, herbs, and spices that add a wonderful aroma to the kitchen and an amazing essence to the dish.  Our essential flavors are mixed together and applied generously to the meat.

Next we marinate the meats for 12 hours to allow them to develop deep, rich, characteristics prior to placing them in the ovens. As the meat is placed in the oven, the magic begins…minute after minute the flavors mingle…hour after hour, the meats become so tender they just fall apart.

Finally, we bring the slow roasted meats to the line, served piping hot so every bite melts in your mouth.

Taste a Mouthwatering Creation