Our Story

New Ideas and Classic Cooking

At Roast and Chop, we put a healthy and delicious spin on fast – casual. Our service may be fast, but the time preparing your meal is anything but that! We slow-roast and freshly prepare our meats + veggies every day.

We pride ourselves on food transparency. That is why our vendors are plastered throughout our store. We want to do everything the right way, making sure our suppliers are humane and materials are 100% recyclable. The Roast+Chop mission is simple: Local, Natural, Sustainable. So that each customer can feel good about their meal!

The Philosophy

We will, as a company and individuals, take responsibility for our actions.

We will deal fairly and honestly with our customers, suppliers, employees and the public.

We will consistently give the highest level of performance to each customer and to our fellow team members.

We will create a work environment where team members are respected, valued and can fully devote their talents towards a purpose, without distractions.

We will give back to our community through fundraising events, providing healthy meals, and by providing meaningful work for our employees.