Our Values

New Ideas and Classic Cooking

Growing up, I worked in my family’s full-service restaurants for thirteen years. Back then I realized that even though I was surrounded around food there was no time to eat a healthy meal. As a pick me up, I’d usually grab a doughnut or cookie with coffee, driving from one catering event to the next. 

Roast+Chop is a concept my father and I started in 2015… what if I could get a full, restaurant quality meal just as fast as I could buy a sugar glazed donut? I wanted to start a restaurant with a large enough flavor variety that I could eat there 7 days a week. Most importantly, a restaurant that does things right in the kitchen and at the counter, so every customer can feel good about their mealThe final product:

Local + Natural + Sustainable food, sold at a fair price, with super friendly + fast service.


Family First

None of the above is accomplished without serving food that customers will enjoy. The same food that my Dad and I would serve to our families! We only use the highest quality ingredients, from companies that share our values. This has created our eclectic range of flavors.

Our goal is to give a menu that you can frequent several times a week, giving you inspiration to try something different every time.

From My Family To Yours, Thank you For Being a Roast + Chop Supporter,

Founders, Steve + Jeff Hettinger