Social Responsibility

Our Pledge

roast+chop is committed to making a positive contribution to our community, to being a good corporate citizen in all of our actions, and to implementing environmentally responsible practices into our operations.


Food Sourcing

At roast+chop, we only purchase produce from suppliers whom work with local farms. We will also purchase hormone-free, steroid-free, 100% natural meats (no RGBH) and choose organic whenever possible, to better provide our customers with the highest quality healthy and fresh products. If this leads to higher than industry average food costs, we are willing to accept this for the good of our customers and our food community.


In assessing the impact of roast+chop operations on the environment, we realized the biggest impact comes from curbing our energy consumption and reducing our waste. We have a comprehensive energy management and recycling program (recycle all glass, plastic, aluminum and paper products), and will purchase as many post-recycled products (paper products including napkins) as possible.

Back to Basics

There’s something lost when food is overly processed and preserved. It goes beyond flavor and nutrients to connect with the meaning of cooking whole ingredients, instead of whatever comes bagged and ready from a supplier. That’s why roast+chop strives to use whole ingredients in its cooking: it not only tastes better, but also feels better to eat food that’s as close to nature as we can make it.